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Patient Testimonials

"I see improvement, big improvement in my flexibility and movement in my neck! Before I could not move or turn my head, especially when i was driving." - Rose G. Sarasota, Fl
"I've made progress and I like that I've made progress. My shoulder is much better and the pain is gone. I am getting much stronger with the therapy. I can now wash my face without pain and am finally able to set my own hair." - Bobbie B. Sarasota, Fl
"The best part about coming to Performance Physical Therapy is now I can get up and down the stairs in front of my house without pain. I can walk much further now and am very happy about that, they are great here!" - Harold B. Sarasota, Fl
"I have had this back pain for a long time, when came in I couldn't even stand up straight.  Look at me now, I can stand much straighter and I feel so much stronger! I feel that i am much better and would recommend Performance Physical Therapy and Pain Center to anyone who wants to feel better and get back to a good way of living!"
- William, B.  68, Sarasota, Fl 

"It actually helped. After one treatment I only have a little bit of pain left.  Now after a week I have no pain!" - Kirsten, 17 years old

"The therapists here are very thorough. I Really felt like it was advantageous and helped my balance. It made me feel better and gave me a positive outlook. If you need it, it is excellent! I've had therapy before and this is as good as it gets, wonderful!" - Helen T. 88 years old

"Steve has given me a series of exercises that i can do at home. Because of his treatments and the exercises regimen, I am enjoying a better quality of life with more flexibility and less pain and fatigue."
- Beth Fernandez

"The therapy I received from Steve did me a lot of good. I highly recommend him to anyone I know" - Ed Ettengen

"I walked into Steve's office with pain in every step. Now, I am pain free. He has given me exercises to do at home that help make my muscles strong so I won't have that problem again." - Naomi Duff

"Steve is very knowledgeable and professional. He provided me with excellent treatment for my leg pain. " - Marge Martin

"I began the 830Laser Treatments with skepticism, and out of desperation, but after just a few treatments I was a believer! I had better range of motion, my energy levels improved and I experienced real pain relief for the first time. Laser Therapy has improved the quality of my life tremendously, I would highly recommend this treatment." - Ann Kovalsky

"Unbelievable! I've had this pain for over a year! One Laser Treatment and it is gone. I can't believe it. I haven't felt this good in years!" - Dale B Sarasota

"Definite improvement. Once laser treatment and I fell 30% better! I can't wait for the next laser treatment." - Ron W Bradzton

"I am really amazed. After my first visit my heel pain has gone down by 60 %. I felt better the minute I walked out the door I could actually walk to my car with less pain. I can't wait to tell my doctor." - Marco G, Sarasota Florida

Patient Testimonials
"I've made progress and I like that I've made progress. My shoulder is much better and the pain is gone."

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