About Us

Performance Physical Therapy and Pain Center was created by Steve Ekes to provide fast pain relief to those suffering from injury, pain, or weakness.

“Ready to get back on your golfing game, but have a case of golfers or tennis elbow? We have the solution for that. Enjoy pushing your physical limits at the gym, but recently have had an ACL injury? We have the solution for that.

Our revolutionary pain relief and prevention programs make it easy for you to get back to doing the things you love. Faster, better and pain-free!”

Trusted By Our Clients

Our top priority is making a difference in each of our client’s lives. We strive to provide the best services, set the standards, and cultivate the best environment in our facility.

“I’ve made progress and I like that I’ve made progress. My shoulder is much better and the pain is gone. I am getting much stronger with the therapy. I can now wash my face without pain and am finally able to set my own hair.”

Bobbie B.

“The best part about coming to Performance Physical Therapy is now I can get up and down the stairs in front of my house without pain. I can walk much further now and am very happy about that, they are great here!”

Harold B.

“Steve has given me a series of exercises that i can do at home. Because of his treatments and the exercises regimen, I am enjoying a better quality of life with more flexibility and less pain and fatigue.”

Beth F.

Our Staff Care

The staff at Performance Physical Therapy and Pain Center provide compassionate care to each patient who comes through our doors. You become part of the Performance Physical Therapy family and we treat you just like that! We will work with you on an individualized program and treatment to help you reach your physical goals.

Pain, weakness, and injury isn’t just masked any longer. We get to the root cause of your physical obstacle so you get TRUE healing.